If you're tired of always creating and sharing a new Google Meet link, or if you want to level up your game and give your clients meet.yourcompany.com instead of something like https://meet.google.com/kit-aawj-gdw, then follow along.

5 minutes and you'll have it up and running.

What do you need?

  • Ability to create a Google Meet
  • GoDaddy account or access to wherever your domain was registered on

1) Go to https://meet.google.com/, create a new meeting and copy the link.

2) Now open GoDaddy or your domain registrar and head to the DNS settings.

3) In GoDaddy, on the bottom right of the page, you'll find a Redirect section. Once there simply add a meet. subdomain that redirects to the Google Meet link you got on step 1.

You might also want to add a www.meet subdomain or some other name like chat.yourcompany.com, whatever you want it to be!

Voilà! That's it! Google Meet links do not expire over time so there you have it: your own chatroom, accesible through an easy to remember url.