The guy sold his last name (twice) for nearly 100,000 U$D. He then made a million by wearing t-shirts. Now he does podcasting and (un-boring) coaching for intentional online business owners with his wife. Oh and he wrote this amazing book.

Tired of all the "shoulds" that guide your life? Want to create a life full of meaning? Work on your own terms? See the world a little differently? Then it's time to Own Your Weird.

When was the last time you questioned something in your life? Throw away the blueprint is what you get constantly challenged to do while reading "Own Your Weird". Oh yeah, and also, to actually OWN your weird. It starts with embracing your weirdness, stopping for a second to look at yourself and what makes you unique. Knowing that, the next step is accepting it, knowing your values and getting comfortable with rejection because, being your true self comes at a price: people will question you and try to bring you back to normal. (Jason explains this way better in the book than I just did, it's a concept he came up with himself so.. yeah.)

Jason Zook from Wandering Aimfully.

Own Your Weird: An Oddly Effective Way for Finding Happiness in Work, Life, and Love is a roller coaster ride inside Jason's curious and inquisitive mindset which will definitely unease you for good. It's about life: social media, debt and money, minimalism, adventure, food and health, marriage, friendships and work. Yeah, all of that. And more.

Own Your Weird is the permission slip you need to take that big risk. To finally chase down that big idea. And to let go of "supposed to" thoughts. See how life opens up when you break out of the blueprint.

It's inspiring. It's uplifting. And it gets you moving, wether you're just having crazy ideas and want to get one done, or you're tinkering around with something, or even if you're already way into a project, you'll surely find this book helpful for your journey.

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